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School Reports
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Please provide school records/reports for at least the two most recent years (in English). For students younger than Grade 2, please provide any records/reports you are able to access from your child’s previous school. For Kindergarten – Grade 5, please upload a writing sample. This can be some previous classwork or homework.

School reports are required. If you don’t have any reports, please click the trash can symbol to the right of “Upload School Reports/ Writing Sample”.

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Learning Support/Special Education
Please indicate the school/location where your child has received the most support services

During the admissions process, parents must disclose all information and documentation relating to their child’s ability to successfully learn in a mainstream classroom. It is essential that we understand the needs of each of our students and how we can support them. Failure to fully disclose special education needs or learning support history may result in termination of enrolment. If your child is admitted but is found to require support beyond our capabilities, they may be asked to withdraw.


Please indicate the language and level of your child’s language skills for each:

Prior Additional Language Instruction

Please list any additional languages your child has studied in the past 3 years.


Additional Language Course Choice

The option of studying an additional language is available from G2 to G12 for those students who do not require English as an Additional Language (EAL) support or, in Elementary, do not require learning support.

Students may be assessed for English language proficiency, prior to or following enrolment, as deemed necessary by the school. If ISPP determines that the student requires EAL support, they will not participate in an additional language course until they no longer require EAL services.

Following review of your application, further information about the specific language options for your child will be provided by our Admissions team.

TRANSPORTATION SERVICE (additional charge)

ISPP provides a transportation service (incurring an additional charge) for students attending the school if a bus is available for the pick up/drop off location.